As previously announced, our gates have been closed due to Government advice that Proof of Vaccination requirements apply to everyone attending Raceway. We have since sought more clarification and are pleased to announce the following updates which will come into effect at 8am on Wednesday 2 February:

Proof of vaccination requirements will not be required to enter the following areas:
• Entry into the Raceway precinct including garages, carports, Administration Building, and all other co-tenant facilities such as Arise Racing and Fastlane
• The barbeque area outside of McCrackan House

Proof of vaccination requirements will be required to enter the following areas:
• Any licensed area when the bar is open within the facility whether indoors or outside
• Inside McCrackan House when the bar is open

Under the current guidelines, mask wearing requirements still apply in all indoor public settings and it is recommended that you wear a mask outdoors where physical distancing is not possible.

As we have experienced in the past, our obligations under the WA State Government’s COVID19 requirements are subject to change, so please check for any further announcements on our website before visiting the venue.

Thanks to all our members and venue patrons for their cooperation and patience over the past fortnight with the change of entry process.