Carco.com.au Raceway is owned and operated by the Western Australian Sporting Car Club

Yes, However conditions such as licensing, Insurance, medical requirements, and Obversing do apply. Please feel free to direct enquiries to admin@wascc.asn.au or 08 9306 8022 and our helpful and friendly admin staff will be able to assist you.

Yes, although facilities are very limited. Permits must be obtained through WASCC.

There is designated parking areas within the facility. Please follow directional signage or speak to a club representative on arrival.

Yes, located adjacent to gate 11. Personnel at the Entry gate will provide direction.

Depending on the event or purpose of your visit there are multiple different options. But if you are unsure please see our friendly admin staff in the ground floor of the main admin building.

Yes, Pre-packaged food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps, etc. for individual consumption;

Unopened non-alcoholic beverages for individual consumption.

Persons are not permitted to bring packaged or commercial branded food and beverage products to CARCO.com.au Raceway.

No, unfortunately Gas BBQ’s, gas bottles or any naked flames are prohibited.

See restricted /prohibited items in our terms and conditions.

The raceway s a pet-free zone for safety reasons. However, Service/Assistance/Aid dogs are allowed to accompany their owners, provided they are in harness and on site in a working capacity.

Umbrellas, camping gazebos and smaller shade implements are allowed, however please be mindful they are not blocking line of site of the track for others. Unfortunately we cannot allow tents or excessively large canopies.

Carco.com.au Raceway has multiple bathrooms please refer to the VENUE MAP for locations.

Yes, Located in the McCrackan House Toilets

Yes, please refer to our venue map.

Yes, please refer to our venue map.

These facilities are generally only available during events.

Yes, located in the admin office.

If you and your child become separated, please approach any member of our staff or security immediately. We have a loud speaker and all staff carry radios.

Unfortunately there are no ATM facilities at the track, All vendors accept EFTPOS.


CARCO.com.au Raceway is an FIA Grade 3 track.

The Track is licensed to run Clockwise in Competitive events

Circuit racing, Timed Events, Drift Event and Much more!

Driving Academies & Schools, Race Teams who want to test and Private Practice

For Motorsport Australia License holders The WA Sporting Car Club offers Private Practise sessions and also runs Track days for Road Cars.

The motorcycle providers are as follows: TrakDayz, Champion’s Ride Days, Track Action, And Motorcycle Racing Club of WA. They should be contacted directly for information about requirements for motorbikes.


The raceway is a spectator-friendly venue. Spectators are more than welcome to take photos and shoot video from the general admission areas of the track.

Only accredited working media with appropriate insurance can request to be trackside.

Access is also controlled by individual hirers of the venue.

Please see our MEDIA AREA for more information.

For any WA Sporting Car Club event, you must have  current Motorsport Australia  Media Accreditation.

Other events have their own accreditation process and you need to contact the individual event hirer.

The short answer is no.

Individual requests will be handled by our motorsport team subject to CASA regulations, RAAF approval, and approval from the event organiser.

Having all these approvals still doesn’t guarantee permission to fly a drone.


Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for up to date entry conditions and more.